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Printing company has various ways to green printing

  of printing enterprises, there are various ways to achieve green printing, in addition to improving the facility, equipment, process and material things, information is one of the important means of green. For example, the Green Office system and enterprise collaboration systems, enterprise integration system and other information systems, have significant cost savings to the enterprise, reducing emissions in order to achieve "green" goals. Green information logistics's main purpose is to coordinate, at the lowest cost to meet customer demand for green.
and green printing standard enterprise, should enjoy more preferential policies, including funds pour bracing collars, business support, tax cuts and that companies consciously to join the Green printing, in order to ensure the healthy development of green printing.
print "Twelve-Five" planning safeguards stressed that: "to develop and improve the Green printing standard, green printing certification, implementation of ' green printing system construction project ', to primary and secondary school textbooks, the Government procurement products and focus on food and drug packaging, actively coordinate the environmental protection, education, and other relevant administrative departments to carry out multi-level multi-faceted cooperation, vigorously promote the implementation of green printing.


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