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Problems in printing company printing

  in the screen printing process, with the squeegee and the increase in the number of washing, the network version of the substrate gradually thinning, when reaching a certain print quantity, print prints, in effect, and there are large differences. Production ground to check sample, replace the network version.
printing cloth effect, cleaning screen itself worse than fill printing graphics and text. Fill in the printing of text, after the paper printed a few probably will fall on its own, does not require frequent washing. But at the time of printing cloth effect, printing thousands of photos on paper may still be attached to the screen, a great impact on product quality. If more paper, paper powder on the surface of the paper, print operators will struggle to cope with, attending. Therefore, should be avoided in cut paper paper, paper production, matching with the screen printing process of offset printing processes should use powder UV offset printing technology.
for the use of ink printed on the Scrubs class fabric products, hot stamping, polishing and process should be arranged in the offset printing process, screen printing process, avoid the appearance after screen printing hot stamping, glazing inequalities.

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