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Learn printing company contribution required finalization of prepress knowledge

  1, text on the page from the cutting edges must be greater than 3mm, so as not to cut is cut. Text must be transferred or to trace the outline of the curve. Words do not use the system, will cause a stroke staggered white nodes. After the text converted to curves, note the word disorder or skips or overlaps between lines. If a stroke staggered when the node is white, with a scattered instruction processing. Don't use black text printing coloring.
2, unable to screen or printout colors to request process, customer must refer to when making CMYK color spectrum to determine the percentage card fill. Also note: CMYK color spectrum of different manufacturers used paper, ink type, the impact of factors such as printing pressure, same color will vary.
3, at various times the same document printing, color differences, chromatic aberration in the 10% for the normal (control for inking always have different), large print, loss, such as old document to print, to avoid colour difference is too large, should refer to the digital printing company swatch.
4, color swatch of the color scheme as far as possible avoid using dark or full-color combinations, or cutting are prone to back printing after printing. Business card printing due to low volume, where the sides have the same large blocks of color, cannot guarantee consistent and there is no dot, shall not be used as the return reason.
5, shading or color at the end of not less than 10% in order to avoid printing products cannot render.
6, please use CoreIDRAW Chinese version 9.0 design document, because the groups version needs, use Apple design document will be converted to PC format. In CoreIDRAW in the, image, and photos must to TIFF document format, CMYK mode entered, not to PSD document of format entered, all entered of image figure, and separation of whereabouts type shadow and the using transparency, and filter material fill color OWERCLIP of object, please in CoreIDRAW in the again turned once lattice figure (color for CMYK32 bit Yuan, analytical degrees for 300dpi, anti-sawtooth compensation transparent background using color description document are playing hook). To avoid mosaic of images set version. Narrow as to resize the node bitmap, please change to a bitmap (option), avoid bitmap output partly obscured. Using corelDRAW's "filter effects" treated objects also go a bit map (option as before) to keep safe.
7, all input or drawing graphics, the wireframe thickness not less than 0.1mm, or printed matter will result in breakage or being unable to render the status. In addition, the line box not set "as the image zoom", otherwise the print output will form an irregular line.
8, when the layer of an object into a frame accurate trim, please convert them to bitmap (6th), the place picture box gradient group with other objects and rotate again, it does not rotate in the direction of the gradient. In addition, any gradient object not set "edge width", since the output of explain the different, sometimes causing lack of Edge gradient fill.
9, two-sided double folding cards marking line and is the opposite.
10, due to orders from the network a colorless version editing, are subject to strict standard color color is no guarantee that exactly the same.
11, regardless of business cards, cards, regardless of single-sided, double-sided, regardless of size or style, all on the same page, not page production.
12, manuscript completed without crossing the line and crop marks, invisible line box to act as making available 2 dimensions and bleed line 92 x 56mm, trimmed to 90 x 54mm (keep 1mm bleeding around). If you have special needs, and upload documents in the order specified.
13, paying particular attention to any picture, color or line out of production size, shall be placed within the frame. Do not use white color cover, so as to avoid version problems.
14, and above note matters completed Hou must do last of check, in CoreIDRAW archives of option midpoint selected "text-information", will can displayed document of all information, including text whether has turned curve, (if all text are has turned curve, is text statistics of project will displayed: this file in the no text object), lattice figure whether for CMYK (lattice figure object should for prospecting into of CMYK-32 bit Yuan), fill color and the outside box whether completely for CMYK of color mode, Do not use RGB color. Do I still have to set the bounding box "image zoom", and mark well your name, member number, contact person, delivery address, telephone number, box, with guarantee.

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