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Not suitable for printing five image formats

  everyday, we are in the purchase of printed images, create files during preflight and file access to a variety of image formats, such as PNG, BMP, GIF and JPEG etc. But we often do not know that these letters are represented by the mean and which image format is more suitable for print production.
1. some image formats are suitable for use on screens and network. For example: PNG (Portable Network   abbreviation for Graphics, meaning portable network image) containing image elements such as RGB, indexed color, and transparency. To achieve higher resolution PNG image, but it has no support for CMYK color space.
2.Windows format BMP (bitmap abbreviation) can support from 1-bit (black and white, no gray-scale) to 32-bit (millions of colors) color depth, but does not have support for CMYK capabilities, so it is not suitable for printing.
3.GIF (Graphics Interchange  Format acronym that means Graphics Interchange format) is only suitable for use on the network, since it is relatively low resolution and can bring up no more than 256 colors. So, don't use GIF images in a print.
4.JPEG (short for Joint Photographic Experts Group) comes from the name of the Committee that created it, and enjoys a very high reputation in the printing industry. It is a lossy compression algorithm, in other words, in order to generate a smaller number of files, it will abandon some of the information in the image.
5. If an image has a high resolution, so after a slight compression of JPEG file for printing and will not significantly damage the image quality, but if the information is compressed too much, then place rectangles in the image distortion will occur, especially in the detail area.
This shows that print is not an arbitrary process, we only choose the right image format in order to lay a solid foundation for the perfect print production.

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