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Printing knowledge of finishing terms

  book: printed by order number, fold into a stack of more than one page.
set: refers to the books should be part of the position.
: also known as cut means the mouth creases read reading side of the edge.
head: books and top row of text into the blank page edge.
Foundation: books and text line at the bottom into the blank page edge under.
: also called back, book distribution required viscosity (or provided) flat section. Hardcover book divided into round and square back.
title: the backing paper printed below the title, Publisher name, author name leaflets page. Some books will be bound with the backing paper and printed on the title page (that is, package page) is called a gate page.
format: format is the format of books bound.
cover: also known as cover, outer seal, leather, book (hardcover book), skin was wrapped in the outside of the book, have a role in protecting and decorating books the book. Cover (cover) (inside front cover) and the cover and the inside front cover (the former), inside back cover, and sealing and four (of the seal after).
the gap: cut trimmed pages the book appears damaged.
back edge: book stick when the scattered pages in coating parts of the book. Usually based on the last 10 percent of broken line line, according to a certain width in the book side coating.
bite: vertically and back with a saw blade on the back of saw cut to depth, width and spaced grooves, to facilitate adhesive on the pages sticking together.
broken line: print pages in the folding process of fold lines.
mill: the knife will be the back of the book with a milling cutter or saw mill open or milled Groove, easy to glue penetration step.
knife flowers: cut uneven marks.
small page: the book is smaller than the trim size of the page.
sheet-in: any indented the books in the book.
Kong line: after manual, paper width in the back part of the thickness of the book. Or package after this, cover bulge at the back and front cover or back cover of the connection line.
inserts: books because the chart layout arrangements, should be inserted in the book of one or more pages.
white pages: printing, imprinting on one or both sides of the page are not printed.
: a book by page number in the order set in another book (or inside), and became a book of the book block, then the cover over the book block and the outside of a page method.
folding: will be printed according to the order page and fold it into book format size the work process of the book.
page: books or more printed pages in the page order integration of distribution process.
dust jacket: cover or a book sealed outer envelope paper, often used to pay attention to books and classics.
hot melt adhesives: heating melting glue, quickly cured at room temperature adhesive.
cold-glue: sizing without heating the glue.
waist: also known as lumbar. Lower and lower shell joins in the middle part of the book, the cover and sealing and four of the middle position.
size: inside the book sealed shell inside front cover and the distance between the 32 pieces of cardboard.
the nucleus Raphe Magnus: diameter cardboard case cardboard between the two voids.
lekou: before the paperback cover of the mouth than the mouth width of 20-30mm before the book, then the cover along the cutting edges to fold before the book together, a form of binding.
Polish: printed coating (or spray, printing), a layer of colorless and transparent coatings, dry after protection and increasing the role of print gloss, this process is called glaze. Book covers, illustrations, calendars, decoration and other printed matter of the trademark Polish the surfaces to be processed.
covered with plastic film in a transparent plastic film by pressing reply post to print, protect and increase the gloss effect.
hot stamping foil: metal foil or pigment foils, through hot, transfer to the printed materials or other items on the surface processing technology, called hot foil, commonly known as gilding, the purpose of which is to enhance the decorative effect.
Indentation: steel wire, through embossing, left on paper trail or for bending Groove marks.
ring: connect the backing paper and the book cover.
untrimmed book: a book that is not qieguang on three sides.
: qieguang book on three sides.
round back: a hardcover. Back into the radian of arc.
Plug the Chief: stick on the hardcover book block back of head and tail ends of the special.
type: hardcover book cover.
: also known as comprehensive case surface material is a whole piece.
interface: also known as a half, surface material of the shell is not a block, usually a material used for front and back cover, and with another hard sticking into the book.
grilled round: rounding before the hardcover book in a letter to shell, circular-arc process back into the book.
Ridge: before the hardcover book in a letter to shell, compact book with plywood, coin near the book spines and ring line pressure at the edge of a convex line, the spine slightly outward bulging process.
: hardcover collection after processing, the books sealed shell out the cut part of the book.
flat lock: the post-by-post with a good book by the line provide the book block, and yarn in the book between the lines of sewing.
locking: the post-by-post with a good book by the line provide a book block, and yarns in a staggered line of locks of each book.
rounding: hardcover book circle back in the curvature of the arc.
directions: a hardcover. Back straight and perpendicular to the cover.
angle: on the corner in front of the shell covered with a layer of leather or fabric.
slots: also known as ditch or trench after a hardcover slipcase collection, front and back covers and spine sections into the Groove.
stitch: sewing (sewing), the same book (or the same set) on the distance between two adjacent pins.
needles: sewing (sewing), number of needle book set.
Ridge: a hardcover. Without the book, ridged, but through the case processing of special decoration, make the book look like, ridged hardcover book.
-cleft: grilled round, ridged processing, book block back two adjacent posts split apart.
join: pick up surface case two overlapping part of the spell stick surface materials.
edge: four case-surface materials edge case-Board back into the fold and stick to the cardboard part of the package.
Pack rounded shell corners when wrapping, surface materials are of equal size several fan-folded, glued to the case of cardboard.
hot: processing in the same object twice on hot stamping.
hobber: books, book, card, cut up, with Golden hot coloring process materials and special tools.
Paper Cone: sticky into a tube-shaped leather liner. Respectively with the back of the book and case stick, to reinforce the backs of large size, thick hardback book.
marble-edging: in the books of the incision, dip stick a layer of processing all kinds of patterns.

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